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Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer - Darrin L. Harris

Chief Operating OfficerVanShawn K. Branch

Corporate Compliance OfficerNora Rowan 

Development and Training Officer Janice Charleston 

Health & Safety OfficerDarnell Rogers

Chief Administration Officer - Hannah Guccione


Board Members

Interim President - Beverly Johnson

Financial Advisor - Jack Carrel

Corporate Office

Director of Corporate Operations - Yvette Frazier

Human Resources

Payroll Director - Lamone Young

Data & Medical Records Manager - Jennifer Joseph

Facilities & Operating Logistics Director - Dylan DiMartino


Statewide Family Support Organization (SFSO) - Regional Program Managers

SFSO | ILSB Supervisor - Kujachalia Knapper

Region 1 Program Manager - Kelly McHenry 

Region 2 Program Manager - Leinani Mallory 

Region 3 Program Manager - Nikki Atkins 

Region 4 Program Manager - Velvet Johnson

Region 5 Program Manager - Corlis Guidry

Region 6 Program Manager - Santana Cammon

Region 7 Program Manager - Lasandra Augustine

Region 8 Program Manager - Keturah Darby

Region 9 Program Manager - Stephanie Moses 


Fresh Start Behavioral Health

Clinical DirectorNatosha Pena

Program ManagerYettia Jasmine


Youth Occupational Readiness

Mental Health Professional Manager - Dr. Bantu Gross


Creatives Arts Program

Program DirectorDavid Sylvester


MY LIFE (Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment)

Program CoordinatorDaShawn Harris 


Claims Department

Senior Claims Analyst - Stacey Germany

Claims Manager Vanessa Sumler


Marketing Department

DirectorMia Y. Terrance


Payroll Department

Director - Lamone Young