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This tutorial is for current Ekhaya employees only. If you follow this tutorial, you will be able to SEND and RECEIVE email via your email address. 


How to setup Mozilla Thunderbird tutorial:
Step 1) Go to Mozilla Thunderbird's website and download their email application:
Step 2) Install Mozilla Thunderbird after you download it by double-clicking the file that you download. Follow the onscreen instructions to install. During installation, keep all default settings. 
Step 3) Once installed, you might have a System Integration window pop up. Just click "Set as Default". 
Step 4) You will get a window that asks "Would you like a new email address?". Make sure you click "Skip this and use my existing email" on the bottom left hand of the window.  
Step 4a) OPTIONAL: If you don't see the window shown in step4.jpg, you can always go to the top left of Thuderbird and click "Email" under "Create a new account" .
Step 5) A "Mail Account Setup" window is next...make sure you put the employees name, their email address, and their password, and check Remember password, in the box and click continue
Step 6) The next screen is very important. Make sure that click "Manual Config" on the bottom of the next window. 
Step 7) This screen is the MOST important. Make sure that you change ALL of the credentials to be exactly like the Step 7 screenshot shown below BUT with the employees email address under Username (incoming and outgoing). Everything in Incoming and Outgoing must be exactly the same. 
Step 8) Double check to make sure everything is correct in step 7 and click test or re-test and if you don't get any errors then click done
Step 9) Your account is now setup! No go back to the standard screen in Thunderbird and you will see your email address to the left. Click "inbox" to see your inbox mail. 
Step 10) If you want to check for new messages, click "Get Messages" on the top left of the screen 
Step 11) Right click your email address on the left hand side of Thunderbird and then left click "Settings"
Step 12) Click "Server Settings" and then make sure "Leave messages on server" is UNCHECKED and then click OK. 
Following these steps above will allow anyone to setup their email using Mozilla Thunderbird. If anyone is having issues, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.